Atrax Morgue – Sickness Report LP


Sickness Report was released in 1996 in CD format for Release Entertainment, a sub-label of Relapse Records for ambient, noise, and experimental works, active between 1992 and 2004. The tracks on the CD were recorded a year earlier, in August 1995 and precisely on the 7th, spontaneously in an hour, like a manic raptus. It is the coldest, most cynical and loudest album of all Atrax Morgue’s discography. The graphics on the CD, faithfully replicated also in the vinyl version, were made by Marco Corbelli with images taken from the volume ”Tecnica delle autopsie” by Giacomo Mottura and are the perfect introduction to the sonic aggression that is coming. And the titles leave no room for imagination. It starts with Eviscaration, a powerful and hallucinatory sound that hits you like a crazy lawnmower. Then the morbid spiral continues with the songs Massive Vulval Warts and Deformed that take you to the most hidden and cramped spaces created by the brilliant mind of the Italian composer, without any opportunity for compromise: pure and glacial synthetic throbbing post-industrial sound soaked in death. The A side of the record closes with Brain Penetration, aseptic and sharp as a razor blade, which bangs you straight in the stomach. The second side of the vinyl continues to drag your mind into the perverse ecosystem created by the author, until you get to exhaustion with Slow Agony Of A Dying Organism, where the sound of a distorted synth seems to sigh the last gasps: mind stir the suggestion of the powerful, death-diluted stuff that is put into your hands.

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