Axiom – Axiom CS


The debut tape from AXIOM – a new Montreal duo taking sound and compositional cues from early 1980s noise (when it was still more broadly classified under the “industrial” banner). The release is structured as one side-long composition that gives itself room enough only to explore the dungeon it occupies. Swirling electronics begin to appear as the tape progresses, but there is never a hint of anything psychedelic. The sounds of samples and other components weave in and out as if coming and going with the tide. Vocals are used as another sound source, rather than for delivery of any sort of lyric, and there is a haunting presence lurking throughout that is reminiscent of Prurient (or perhaps the ’80s progenitors that lent their influence). It’s dark in this dungeon. Take as needed.

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Dimensions 4.5 × 3 × .75 in