Form Hunter – Form Hunter LP


Although only active since 2018, the duo of Stefan Aune and Weston Czerkies comprising Form Hunter have already laid extensive sonic foundations of crumbling stone, warped magnetic tape, and resonating metal that continue to drill, pound, and manipulate their way through the American harsh noise landscape on their debut self-titled album.

Metal scraps of America’s almost-forgotten industrial past are scraped and thrusted into a vacant noise space, only to be captured with archaic electronics and churned out through an array of overdrive, tape crunch, and loops that leave the listener dazed and pulverized. An orgy of rusty steel crashing and cracked noise rumble are guaranteed to dilate the pupils and open the adrenal glands of all Americanoise fanatics, yet the only desire in the end is more punishment.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × .25 in