Heat Signature – Altered states of Warfare CD


Harsh noise reconnaissance unit Heat Signature returns with their highly anticipated follow up to 2019’s Dehumanization in Progress. This new disc for Found Remains, Altered States of Warfare, expands their sonic arsenal while retaining a trademark dedication to harsh electronics and amplified scrap metal. Each track is dynamic and evolving, a relentless offensive that quickly surrounds, ambushes, and bombards the listener with a hail of superheated auditory ordnance. Comprising noise veterans Luke Tandy (Being) and Brad Griggs, Heat Signature is not content to rehash familiar noise blueprints. Altered States of Warfare incorporates a broad range of damaged electronics that twist and turn, evading expectations like elite jungle commandos. Psychedelic washes of sound collide with walls of impenetrable textural noise. Somewhere in the mix a wounded soldier screams for a medic, only to be silenced by the concussive bang of a mortar. Expertly-edited compositions mimic the finest in battlefield strategy, and the listener doesn’t stand a chance of evading Heat Signature’s assault. Surrender is the only option.

This attention to detail sets Altered States of Warfare apart from most other contemporary harsh noise. Compared to previous recordings Heat Signature is more willing to take their foot off the gas pedal and build ominous electronic soundscapes, the tense waiting in between firefights that suddenly erupts in another fusillade of razor sharp amplified metal. There is a satisfying amount of variation between these 5 excellent tracks, and careful listeners will find much to digest with repeated listens. This is everything you could want from a full-length noise album, capturing one of the finest modern harsh noise acts at the top of their game.

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