Himukalt – Come October CD


with a sound that is rough and decidedly gritty, the analogue derived tones are soot and rust infused, while the vocals feature as emotional and bile drenched (aka echo distorted/ treated). minimal structure is employed throughout, based around crude abstracted rhythmic programming, choppy static, shuddering distortion and occasional tonal blasts, but the end result is an industrial noise ‘post-mortem’ style than anything typically of a harsh noise variety. the minimalist approach to sound and composition gives a clear nod to the likes of the psychological and death obsessed sounds atrax morgue, while the sonic treatment of vocals renders them for tonal impact rather than decipherable intent. yet based on their at times pained delivery, i gather their lyrical content functions for a degree of personalized catharsis that anything resembling a role for externalized ‘entertainment’.

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