Linekraft – Death Still Persist CD


Linekraft (aka. Masahiko Okubo) a solo noise act, who also happens to be in charge of metal percussion in Grim. which has been gaining international recognition in recent years of Japanese industrial harsh noise/Power electronics, from electronic noises, mixed with metal percussion and threatening, shouting vocals. A fierce, heavy and sonic space constructed world! The crushed black sound of a crushed black sound, a threatening nightmare, and a terrifying sound soul. You can also hear new developments, including the introduction of mellow synth sounds.

Music presented here is a soundtrack for people who live a reality survival life in north of black sea. Hate is a life in land where these news reports mundanely. “when you come home after work, find a burned your private automobile” “your friend who abrupt disappear found dead in outlying forest” “patriots with automatic rifle bolt out at once from the bush by radiocast sign.

-“clear weather throughout the whole land” –

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