Michael Berdan – Graphic Violence CS


Unhinged frontman Michael Berdan (Uniform, Drunkdriver) returns to Found Remains with another solo offering, but instead of the EBM dirge of his previous project, Canal Street Electronics, Berdan debuts under his birth name for this power electronics release Graphic Violence.

Recorded and released at the end of the now infamous year of 2020, it’s only fitting Michael Berdan’s Graphic Violence is seething with unapologetic rage and despair. Already dealing with the economic and emotional toll of a global pandemic, Berdan also suffered the loss of his father. Deep in mourning, Berdan naturally began a period of intense introspection from which Graphic Violence comes.

Taking cues from Cold Meat Industry and Slaughter Productions, Graphic Violence is steeped in the clinically cold style of power electronics associated with those labels. Modular soundscapes create a cinematic style of suspense and dread on each song as Berdan alternates between brooding monologues and manic screams. A known horror movie fanatic, Berdan’s love for celluloid and gore stemmed from his father and that influence can be felt and heard throughout Graphic Violence. Grindhouse samples propel the screams of Berdan, and Lucio Fulci inspired collages decorate the release: not only an homage to the genre but, more importantly, an homage to Berdan’s father.

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