Proof Of The Shooting… – Demonstrative Evidence 4xCD


“Noise has always been equal parts sound and presentation for me. There have been many well established labels such as G.R.O.S.S., MSBR Records, Mother Savage, etc. But no one, especially in the US did it like Sound Probe in the 90s. Each piece, while sonically superior, usually had a beautifully hand-crafted vessel for the cassette. Proof Of The Shooting was the flagship artist featuring label owner Dan Greenwood (aka Diagram A) and John Brown. While not necessarily forgotten, POTS has remained an underground cult act mainly due to extreme limitation of their cassettes. This 4 disc set is a selection of pieces culled by Dan himself as a definitive example of POTS’ work from 1995-1999. Each set has been hand pained in rubber latex and VHS film in homage to the earlier Sound Probe packaging… because it would be criminal to put something like this in a simple box.”
-Jim/Fusty Cunt

“The mid/late ’90s where a busy time for live noise in New England, either touring bands, local festivals, or the 2 o’clock matinee at RRRecords. During that time we played a lot of shows with Proof of the Shooting, and while different, I always thought their sound complimented what we did, and they where one of our favorite bands to play with. In 1996 when I started the Solipsism label, they where one of the first people I asked, and had the first release on that label. Doing a collection of their early tape works has been something I’ve wanted to do for decades, so when Jim first approached me with the idea of doing a reissue my reply was an immediate fuck yes I’m interested, and thanks to his tireless enthusiasm and effort, this collection has finally seen the light of day.”
-Patrick/Self Abuse

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