Shredded Nerve – Acts of Betrayal CD


Essential works reflective of a desperate era from Brooklyn, New York’s Shredded Nerve. Hideous acts of material manipulation and threatening electronics, skillfully etched into fistfuls of magnetic tape, sculpted into monuments in memoriam to a collapsing Earth. Justin Lakes operates within a vast dynamic spectrum in which individual sonic elements coalesce and blossom into a howling, white hot mass, only to splinter apart and devolve into the nothingness from which they came. Explosive fits of violence are tamed and restrained with visionary composition, using a palette of various shades of black. “Acts of Betrayal” demonstrates a heightened comprehension and application of vile texture, combined in patterns and layers that yield tremendous power. All of the most rewarding undesirable sensations are present – bones scraped with surgeon’s instruments; toppling architecture; soul degradation; back alley flagellation, the clenched fist of a phantom limb. Maximum discontent manifested through mechanized anxiety. Relentless fury breeds dire exhaustion, oscillating back and forth in a cruel, infinite cycle. The repetition induces a state of catatonia, burnt down to the crutch until the ember melts your fingertips.

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