Terror Cell Unit – Psalm 137:9 CD


Terror Cell Unit is the stern power electronics duo of Mac Chami (Koufar) and Sam Torres (Crawl of Time).

Psalm 137:9 homed in on the 1995 American tragedy that was the Oklahoma City bombing. Carried out by Timothy McVeigh and accomplice Terry Nichols, a Ryder truck containing over 4,800 pounds of explosives was parked at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and detonated remotely; the explosion killed 168 people, 19 of them children, and severely injured hundreds more. Until 9/11, this was the deadliest act of terrorism on American soil and a horrific example of a man’s stringent conviction that the government pay the ultimate price for Ruby Ridge and the Waco siege.

Refusing to simply regurgitate the story of the bombing or to showcase the violence for petty shock value, TCU instead thrust themselves into the psyche of McVeigh and the rubble of the bombing to channel the complexities of the tragedy. “Suicide Mission Part I (Planning)” starts the album on a foreboding path with beats creeping in and out as heavily modulated vocals further increase the tension and conjure the image of a radicalized McVeigh repeating excerpts from The Turner Diaries to himself as he drives the Ryder truck to its final destination.

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