The Rita – The Elizabeth, The Mary CD


For those who have followed this project over the years, at this point you are either fully on board or perhaps you’ve abandoned ship. This is not the type of project you occasionally dabble with, it’s a multi-verse of escapism for the fanatically obsessed. It’s not just about the sound either…all of the myriad themes and imagery as well as the sound source origins are equally important to the entirety of the whole experience. This is elevated art with concealed benefits earned by means of cultivated exploration.

Sam McKinlay has always had a penchant to challenge the listener to persevere through each release, whether being tested by long run times, unmitigated abrasiveness or the extreme minimalism of more recent sparse crackle worship. While for some it may be an initially difficult sonic experience to engage with, it also carries the potential to blossom into a hypnotic journey once the breakthrough is reached, something akin to an aha moment being attained through prolonged contemplation. Also comparable to how wine or coffee is an acquired taste where one must gain a sophisticated palate in order to fully appreciate and enjoy the flavor. THE RITA’s contemporary work also demands that type of disciplined practice and advanced development to truly be heard.

“The Elizabath, The Mary” is a great place to discover, re-discover or continue discovering the wonderful world of THE RITA…with over an hour of material previously released on low edition 7 inch and cassette formats throughout 2020, collected and compiled here together on one convenient compact disc with accompanying 8 page booklet featuring all of the artwork from the original releases.

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