Vidna Obmana – The Ultimated Sign Of Burning Death LP


His legendary first tape finally reissued / Vidna Obmana  is a pseudonym used by Belgian composer and ambient musician Dirk Serries. The name Vidna Obmana, a phrase in Serbian, literally translates to “optical illusion” and was chosen by Serries because he felt it accurately described the music.  Vidna Obmana’s music has often been described as anamorphic and organic. He has been a significant name in the ambient scene for more than two decades, releasing over more than 50 solo albums and numerous collaborations.  But apart from his main ambient colleagues, Vidna Obmana originates from the industrial cassette network scene (early eighties), releasing several tapes (on his own label and on others) over a timespan of 4 years and contributing to international cassette compilations. The Ultimated Sign Of Burning Death is officially the first tape ever by Vidna Obmana. Completely recorded in his small bedroom at his parent’s house in 1984, the music was performed on a KORG MS20, using self-fabricated tape loops of various lengths, vocals, a few effects and an old DJ mixer.  All pieces were real-time recorded on a standard Marantz tapedeck, no overdubs were made considering it would deteriorate even more the already low-budget quality of the initial recordings.  While only a handful copies were made on his own label, Belgium’s Therapie Organisatie reissued the tape in 1985 for a limited run of 50 copies.   Over time the reputation of this hard-to-find grew slowly but consistent.  Now Urashima reissues this rarity on beautiful black vinyl, exclusively remastered by Dirk Serries.

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